Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No Recess

Yesterday was my birthday, I turned SIX years old! I'm so happy! I can't believe it's also gonna be Christmas soon! I can't wait! I really hope Santa got my letter. I've been real good this year, I've even been helping mommy with the new baby, she lets me hold her. You have to be careful with babies. Mommy taught me that you have to hold the baby's head because her neck isn't that strong.  I love my little sister, her name is Kaya and I even wrote a letter to Santa for her because you know, she's little and not BIG like me! I'm SIX years old!

Today has been good so far, I got to lead the class in the PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE! I can't wait to tell my daddy when I get home! He's gonna think it's a pretty big deal, he was in the Air Force and even went to Iraq. Iraq is so far away and I remember I missed him even though I was littler than I am now. Jaden's dad was in Iraq too, but HIS dad was in the Army. Jaden is my best friend and he's in the other Kindergarten class. I'm gonna play with him at recess today! We're gonna play soldiers, that's where we chase each other and pretend to shoot each other like in the war movies my daddy watches.

My daddy actually has REAL guns, he says that America is great because we have liberty and democracy, and he also says we need to have guns in order to keep it that way. He says we're lucky to be in a country that has a constitution and a bill of rights. He said he's gonna teach me all about the Second Amendment to the Constitution one day. I love my daddy, he's smart. One day I'm gonna be strong like him and join the Air Force!

ANYWAY! I can't wait until recess so I can tell Jaden what I got for my birthday yesterday! Hopefully his mommy will let him come over to my house after school and we can play! Right now though, I have to get ready for reading circle, that's where we sit in a circle around our teacher Ms. Lori, and she reads stories to us. I always have to sit next to Lyndsey though, and I think she likes me. She's always trying to sit close to me, and also she runs after me and my best friend Jaden in the playground. I don't like playing with girls because...wait! WHAT WAS THAT? I hear screaming...is that SCREAMING? WHY IS THERE SCREAMING?...  


THAT WAS SO LOUD! IT sounds like...FIREWORKS? in School?



EVERYBODY IS SCREAMING!!. WAIT, is HE..POINTING THAT GUN AT ME? WHY?..................................

I...can't breathe. I feel like something hot..is inside me. I....feel cold now.. I'm scared. I can't hear anything... Everything looks weird.......I want to scream, but I can't. I don't understand...

Everything is dark.

Disclaimer: I don't know why I wrote this.


  1. “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” said National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre. He then narrowed his eyes, leaned in closer, and added in a loud whisper, "especially when we give them the new special magic bullets that only kill bad guys."
    "No, really," he went on to say, this time not whispering, "These things are fucking awesome. You could go into any crowded area- be it a movie theater, post office, or even a kindergarten classroom- and just start firing off, like, 3 bullets every second, and only the assholes actually get shot. I seriously don't know why nobody thought of this shit sooner!"
    He then threw his arms up in V formation and yelled, "Good guys rule!" He paused briefly for effect before jogging off the stage to cheers from the crowd.

  2. Powerful. If this horrifying tragedy doesn't get us to stricter gun control, nothing will, and we will be an epic fail as nations go. The UK has a gun ban...not an assault weapons ban..not just a handgun ban, but a GUN BAN, and in one year, they record maybe 40 deaths by gun shot wounds while the U.S., with its all important Second Amendment and the fanatics to go with it, records more than 30,000. Yes. That is thirty-thousand! Hmmnnn...no guns allowed...hardly any GSW deaths. Unlimited access to weapons of war...and more deaths recorded annually than in the entire 11 years the U.S. has been at war in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. Does anyone with a brain not see the correlation here? Guns in the hands of the uncontrolled versus guns in the hands of a "well-regulated militia" (i.e., a military). My heart hurts....

  3. Everyone will have an opinion on guns and depending on which corner of the star you are standing on your opinion will be different then the other. Does this make you right? There is no right answer to GUNS. People will spend forever trying to find it and will never conquer. Improvement is good but why are we so selfish and stupid?
    I hear a lot of people shouting, more guns…more guns…really? If someone you hold dear to you someone you love so much is taken from you by an insane idiot with a GUN would you be so quick to protest and rally for more GUNS? The friend and family’s that are suffering from the recent school shooting tragedy are in dire need of respect but all we can do is shout at them MORE GUNS! We all need to pay our sincere respects and just shut the fuck up.

    If I were at a location and an armed stranger came to this place with a gun and had full intent to kill anyone in his visual preference would I accept a gun to defend my family? Of course I would! This does not mean I like guns this simply means I want to protect my family, you have people who try and defend their gun practices by using this human nature to protect but yet if you were to search their home you will most likely find more than one……why is this? For every location in the house because you never know when and where it is going to happen? No, most likely because you have become obsessed with the feeling of owning a weapon that can take the life of any living creature with the minutest attempt. We as humans are so quick to find any excuse and any reasoning for something we know is not right but if you are the participant you will defend your reasoning and if you are the observer you will look to destroy what you are not.

    Something horrible happened and something horrible will happen again. My heart hurts when I replay the inconceivable situation that happened that day. My imagination takes me where I do not want to be but yet I cannot stop it and even all the sadness I feel cannot compare to what the families and friend of these beautiful lost souls are feeling.
    Every day horrible things happen to innocent people… just think about it, this is a really big place we call earth and so many things happen that we don’t know about. Say in one month there were 20 kids shot because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time but because the situations were separate and over a longer period of time the world does not see this….. This is not the first time innocent people have been murdered out of pure stupidity but yet we all want to yell like crazy people and blame everyone we can for its happening. It happens ALL the time!

    In the end GUNS are bad…. They were never meant for good only for power but what is really to blame here is the HUMAN….we are the real threat, the real danger to ourselves but we also have the potential to change the percentage of this evil. Nothing lasts forever but until we reach the end we must all survive somehow.

    The wild creatures share this one characteristic: they are completely totally themselves. They do not pretend to be anything else. They do not question their identity. They do not second guess themselves. They are what they are, and they are impeccable at it. They have no use for questions about their worth on earth. They are worthy~ Gerald G. May.